Hello Beautiful Soul, I am so excited to offer this amazing training and share everything I've been shown on how to hold space, and clear for groups of up to 100 people. You see, running effective group clearings requires more than throwing a few intentions out to the universe and keeping your fingers crossed that something manifests for your clients.

Through this training you will become a light bearer and assist people in releasing the repressed human story from their memory banks, taking them from the shadow of victimization to freedom and sovereignty.

What you will INNERstand during our 5 up-levelling weeks together:

  • I am so grateful for this amazing experience. The knowledge, power and confidence gained is immeasurable. Thank you Kate for this powerful course, I am forever grateful!

    ~ Christina
  • I am very blessed and forever grateful to be a part of this group. It really has been an extraordinary course. Thank you Kate for all that you do by providing such a truly beautiful space. I have benefited immensely from this experience. And thank you to each of the healers of the group for your kindness, generosity, and sharing the gift of you.

    ~ Susan
  • This was an amazing experience, I loved learning so many new things it has truly upleveled me and my practice. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in energy healing! Thank you Kate!

    ~ Penny
  • I feel like superwoman this week! I feel so many downloads and so much inspiration for how I’m going to use what I’m learning here. I’m trusting myself much more and going with that rather than needing all the answers. So much gratitude for you all and especially for Kate for this amazing course and amazing people!

    ~ Helen
  • I can't thank everyone enough for all the support and love. It truly was great sharing this time with you. Kate, thank you for teaching us and sharing your gifts. We are all blessed to have met you!

    ~ Pamela
  • Kate, you made it so easy in a very elegant way to go through all our personal stuff and limits and at the same time teaching us multi-dimensionally. I am forever grateful to know you and to be a part of this training and meeting so many gifting healers to learn from! A whole new universe has opened up to me, thank you Kate!

    ~ Andrea
  • Kate, you are amazing! I’m so grateful to have found you and that you brought this group of beautiful souls together! Thank you to each and every fabulous member of this group for helping me grow and heal enough to be able to launch myself more publicly as an energy healer. I love you guys! I wish I could express how much this group has helped me!

    ~ Leslie
  • Thank you Kate from the depths of my heart. This wouldn’t be possible without you. I love learning and growing from you and this group.

    ~ Denise
  • This has been a truly amazing experience! I love this safe space and everyone in this group, and truly appreciate you Kate for sharing your vast knowledge and wisdom with us!

    ~ Corie
  • Thank you so much Kate and everyone else for holding space, growing, and supporting each other. It feels like family! I am truly blessed and honored to be here and learn and grow with you all.

    ~ Amber
  • Thank you so much Kate! When I signed up to learn about how to run healing groups I never realized it would be so utterly life transforming and healing. Thank you to all the beautiful healers here and for all their support and for sharing their wisdom. I feel so at home with everyone.

    ~ Helen
  • I feel so very blessed to be a part of this group! It has opened my eyes to the power we truly have and how we can make an Impact on so many!

    ~ Stacy
  • I am blessed for knowing you all! I have happiness tears and I am so grateful for being here now! Thank you Kate, thank you all of you!

    ~ Alice
  • I am truly grateful and blessed to be part of this group. Thank you, Kate for sharing your wisdom and teachings!

    ~ Kym

How it Works

How long is the training?

The training runs for 5 weeks.

When does it start?

Training will begin in February 2023.

What is included in the training?

The training includes participation in five weeks of 7 Days of Healing groups run by Kate. In a separate group, you will also take turns in leading morning and evening activations as well as making group posts, learning how to do intuitive check-ins, and making physical and energetic adjustments as needed to the group.

A 30-minute one-on-one session with Kate. During this session we will work through mental blocks, insecurities, and anxieties you may have in becoming proficient and ultimately amazingly successful in this program and running your own groups.

Five weekly two-hour group Zoom calls where you'll learn all the facets and techniques needed to run highly effective and life-changing group clearings. I'll be doing energetic check-ins to clear all mental, emotional, and physical blocks so you can run popular and dynamic group clearings yourself, and there'll be plenty of time to ask questions and learn best practices.


I invite you to activate your creatorship and step into your shining ability as a Certified 7 Days of Healing Group Facilitator and become a super-conscious channel for humanity, we need you!

Total Price $2,000

The next round of training will begin soon!

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