Do you struggle to manifest your financial goals and see monetary rewards in your life? Have the traditional steps you’ve taken to create a thriving energy healing business or holistic practice fallen short no matter what you do or how hard you try? Do you procrastinate or put pressure on yourself due to past traumatic experiences around lack of money, fear of not having enough money or fear of failure?

I believe it is our dharma and our duty to create a loving relationship with money as we transform and ascend spiritually. We are not meant to struggle financially or offer our services for free; but instead allow the power of Spirit to work through money and our finances.

When I took the time to invite the Spirit of Money to speak to me, “she” showed me how she’d been exploited, robbed, and manipulated at the hands of greed and domination for millennia. I was also shown that it’s up to us as Energy Healers and Lightworkers to hold her, grow her, and help transform the nature of how she’s been used and abused on this Earth for far too long.

After all, money has a very loving, kind, generous and gentle Spirit just like you and me! But until people like us change our relationship to money and what it means to be soulfully wealthy, corruption and hierarchical control will continue to persist in our world.

What you will INNERstand and accomplish during our 3 weeks together:

You see, money is continually working through people just like you and me to guide collective change because Money is the Spirit of Transformation. She transforms everything here on Earth, taking energy from one thing and turning it into something else. But, for her to change our lives and this world, we must do our part to invest in ourselves first by healing our relationship with money.

How it Works

How long is the training?

The training runs for 3 weeks.

When does it start?

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What is included in the training?

A 30-minute one-on-one Zoom session with Kate. This relaxing meditative-type session rewires your neurocircuitry from deeply held trauma around money, scarcity and unworthiness; using sound healing, breathwork and energy healing.

Three weekly 60-to-90-minute group Zoom calls for business support and practical advice, as well as meditations and exercises so you can align with your soul’s wealth. All calls will be recorded and available for replay in our private Activate Your Soul’s Wealth Facebook Group. Zoom calls will either be on Thursday evenings or Sunday afternoons EST.

Participation in three weeks of 7 Days of Healing™ with a focus on money, wealth, abundance, finances, business set up and growth.


I invite you to join me on a three-week evolutionary journey where you’ll transform your views, beliefs and lived experience of money. We will move from the pressure and stress of “I must work hard for money” to the harmonious and aligned wisdom of “money loves to work hard for me.”

Total Price $800

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